Baby Products and Toys for Healthy Growth of Your Child

The most jubilant and exultant moment in life is when a woman becomes a mother and holds her baby for the first time. When her child grows up, she will not of course let him/her grow with nothing at their hand. She will ensure that her baby grows healthy with the baby products she chooses. After parents, the things that accompany a child are the toys. Who knows it better than us?

We welcome you to the world of baby toys and products. We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa specializing in baby and children products. We stock a variety of baby products that are baby-friendly and give the most comfortable facility to use them.

As we all know being great takes time. Today, the Baby Fantasy store is known to be specialists in quality baby and children products. Being the best means having the best and that is why Baby Fantasy stocks the leading brands such as Graco, Chelino, Phillips Avent, Tommee Tippee, Snookums, Peg Perego, Maxicosi, Quinny and more.

The wonderful thing about being an experienced company is that we know within a consistently evolving market we can keep up to date with our products and service. This is why our team has been trained and equipped to provide expert advice. We ask you to join many families who have experienced excellent quality and service from us at Baby Fantasy as their little stars begin their journey.

Since it’s about healthy and harmless growth of your child, all our products are completely harmless and easy to use. We stock quality products that are user-friendly. Kindly browse through our website and find out the list of quality baby products.

Baby-friendly products essential for the healthy and harmless growth of your child. We understand that babies are quite sensitive and can react in no time to detrimental products. That’s the reason we test the products by ourselves before they are  put on the shelves.

Our product range includes general products such as prams & strollers, furniture-feeding chairs, walkers-walking rings, camp-sleigh cots, carriers, boosters, car seats, bottle, accessories, nappies, wipes, nursery accessories and more. Visit our site to get the complete list of products.

The products we keep in stock for you are the outcome of long research and experiences. At times, there are many parents who step back from buying the product because they are a little too expensive. Even if the cost exceeds your budget by a mere amount, don’t cringe back. We encourage you to buy it ignoring the cost factor as it’s about buying a harmless baby product.  We guarantee our products are baby-friendly and easy to use. We ensure that the products you purchase from us will certainly contribute to the healthy growth and well-being of your child.